What does it mean to be On the Blob? In Victorian slang, it meant to beg by telling stories. Specifically, stories about how rough life was. Well, I'm telling stories, in words and pictures. They're about people, politics and religion, which can get pretty rough. And while I'm not begging, if you wanted to throw a bob or two my way, there's a Paypal link down below, and thank you ver' much, guv'ner.

To the left you'll find links for the Paper Bag Ninja, a comic about life and politics; Greenpunk, a genre about saving the world with a 21st century attitude; and the Library, which is about stuff I made up. There's also a gallery of art I've created.  'Cause I'm a nice guy, I'm letting some folks I know park some of their poetry under Other People's Stuff.  For
random thoughts see the On the Blob blog at blog.ontheblob.net It's all pretty geeky, 'cause that's what I enjoy. If you enjoy it too, come in and play. If not, there's some good advice at the top of the page. Do it. You'll be a happier person.

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