Amber email

When I see you smile

When I see you smile

My heart stops for awhile

You make me melt inside

You make my heart swell with joy and pride

I must be the luckiest girl around

For the most wonderful guy I have found

He is sweet beyond belief

He has stolen my heart like a thief

And I love him for it

I feel like a home run I have hit

Because I have him in my life

When he’s around my problems and strife

Just seem to disappear

Into the thinness of the air

Diamonds pale in contrast to his eyes

Which are bluer than the early morning skies

Baby I love you

I’m lucky that you love me to

Baby, why can’t you see

Baby, why can’t you see

That you are the only guy in the world for me

You’re the only person I want to be with

To me you’re like a hero straight out of a Greek myth

I’m not in love with him

How could I be, when the love I share with you flows over the brim

You make me happier than he ever could

You broke through my heart of wood

To me you are a king

What we share together is the real thing

I’m so lucky to have you

And that you love me too

Choking on my tears

Choking on my tears

‘Cause I’m running from my fears

Oh God please let this be the end

Don’t let there be more heartbreak waiting around the bend

I’m bleeding down to my core

This is more heartbreak than I can bear anymore

With the barrel pressed against my head

I feel a sense of panic and dread

As I get ready to pull the trigger

The world around me seems to grow bigger

And then it all goes black

I hit the floor like an empty sack

As I draw my last breath

My open arms welcome sweet death

Why did you set me free

Why did you set me free

Don’t you want to be with me

You are my hearts one desire

The boy who sets my soul on fire

Why did you walk away from me just when I needed you the most

Was your goal to make me feel even lower than toast

If so then you succeeded, Congratulations goes out to you.

Now what do I do

I don’t know how live with you gone

Into myself I have withdrawn

You were my everything

To me you are still a king

And will be forever

Even though  we are no longer together

Just Like Every Other Guy

I thought you were different from other men

I thought with you I was safe from getting my heart broken again

You turned out to be just like every other guy

You broke my heart and made me cry

I told you I loved you

And then went above and beyond for you

But you turned out to be just like every other guy

Now I just want to know why

Why I was foolish enough to trust you with my heart

And why you felt the need to tear it apart

Is it because you’re just like every other guy

Willing to walk out without ever saying good-bye

I poured my heart and soul out to you

I told you things about me that no one else knew

Butyou turned out to be just like every other guy

Without you I just wanted to die

You saw more of my soul than I shall ever again show

Because you hurt me more than you’ll ever know

When you turned out to be just like every other guy

Who in the end turned out to be nothing but one big lie


Bleeding Heart

My world is falling apart

And it’s breaking my heart

To watch the ones I love die

In the end, I won’t have any more tears to cry

My heart is bleeding from all the pain

And my tears are flowing freely down like the rain

How I’m going to survive this I don’t know

But as I sit here watching my pain grow

I wonder why all this is happening to me

And I wonder if anyone can see

Through my silent suffering

And understand what I’m feeling

I wonder if love is what’s keeping me here

Or if I’m just being motivated by fear

Fear of hurting what’s left of the ones I love and care for

More than I’ve ever hurt them before


Bittersweet Love

It is a bittersweet love that we share

Others may view our love as a burden that we bare

But to us it is a gift

Meant to inspire and uplift

To discover a love this bittersweet

Is truly a great feat

There’s happiness mixed in with the tears

And joy that comes from surviving the fears
This bittersweet love shall never end
Because we are truly each other’s best friend

No matter what woe

May come with tomorrow

Our bittersweet love will continue on

Because our love gives us a bond

That will never break

Because with your heart that’s bigger than a lake

And my deep, never-ending love for you

We can do anything we set our minds to

Including having this bittersweet love we share together

Continue on in our hearts forever

Web of Lies

You confuse me to no end

You said you just wanted to be my friend

Yet now you’re talking about how you miss the stuff we did

But when we broke up you ran away and hid

Hid behind her and made me believe you were happy

You became a jerk, who said and did things to make me feel crappy

I’m tired of you always lying

It always leaves me depressed and crying

So, baby, either tell me the truth or I’m gone and not coming back

‘Cause I don’t know how much more of this I can hack

If your feelings aren’t for real this time then don’t bother me

And please, honey, just let me be

Because every time you leave me to unravel your web of lies

Another part of my soul dies

Even after all the pain your lies put me through

I’m still in love with you

And I’d like to give us another chance to get it right

Since you’re the person who haunts me dreams at night

But only if you promise to stop lying

‘Cause I can’t take much more of my soul dying

I can’t seem to get over you no matter how hard I try

Even though everything you said was always a lie


Pain and Heartbreak

I swore I would never fall in love again

Decided that it was time to swear of all men

But it seems I forgot about the exception

The person who’s the mirror image of perfection

When I made that promise to myself

And put my heart upon the shelf

I forgot to fall out of love with you

That was the one thing I forgot to do

But I’ve given up on love

It’s not a gift from up above

All it does is cause me pain and heartbreak

Every night I lay awake

And think about the memories that surround me

The ones that won’t set me free

I think of you and me

And how happy we used to be

All of it makes me so confused inside

‘Till I just want to run and hide

How can love be good and evil at the same time

Is it a crime

To not know what to do

Or who to turn to

Who can you trust

In a world full of people who confuse love and lust


Labeled Loner

I’m the quiet girl who sits alone

The one nobody calls up on the telephone

I’ve been labeled a loner before

But the truth is I’m just shy to the core

I’m ignored and treated like I’m not even there

It makes me fell like no one really cares

Do any of you even know my name?

Or do you all just think that I’m really lame

None of you even want to take the time to get to know me

You all just decide to run away and flee


Do you notice

Do you notice me when I’m not there

Do you notice when I do something different with my hair

Do you notice me at all

Or do you just notice when I fall

Would you ever consider giving me a chance

All I ask for is just one dance

‘Cause I really do like you

This I swear is true

If you give us a chance

Them maybe this romance could develop into love

And if push ever came to shove

I’d do all I could,

I swear I would,

Do anything just to protect you

Until my last breath, I drew


3 Wishes

There are times when I long to once again be in your arms

To feel that feeling of being safe from all harm

There are times when I miss your kisses

And I think if I just had 3 wishes

I would use them all just to get you back

But then I wonder if I’m on crack

I think about how are relationship was full of pain

And I think that I must be insane

If I’m thinking about letting you back in my life again

Then maybe I shouldn’t trust my taste in men

Sure we had our good times

But those ended when you fed me all those lines

Every now and then you cross my mind

When that happens I force myself to go into rewind

And remember all those tears I once cried

And how my heart broke a little more every time you lied


Bitter Heartbreak

Life sucks then you die

So what’s the point in even bothering to try

You fall in love

You find the one person you think is sent from up above

Then they leave you

With nothing to show for the love between you two

Except for a heart that’s been broken into a million little pieces

And pain that increases

Every time you think of them

He made me feel like a gem

I fell hard for him

But the truth was grim

He liked someone who wasn’t me

But what he doesn’t see

Is that he’s the only guy I want to be with

Sometimes I wonder if love is just a myth

Made up by people who are tired of feeling lonely

So they convince themselves that this person is their one and only

And that they belong with them forever and ever

But really their feelings for each other are just whatever

If love is really true

Then how come I can’t find it too


Heart of Wood

You said you cared

And you comforted me when I was scared

But I feel like it was all just a lie

Like you didn’t care if I lived or died

Just the thought of it brings me to tears

And has confirmed all my worst fears

I can’t help but wonder if you ever meant anything that you said

Or if it was all in my head

If you don’t really care

And it’s all just a game, then that’s not fair

To make me believe it wasn’t a lie

Then just leaving me here to die

I used to think there was some good in you

And that you’d always be true

But now I know it was all just an act

you never really cared and that’s a fact

At one time you said you didn’t want to hurt me

Baby why can’t you see

That by telling me a bunch of lies

And then leaving me here to die

Your lies hurt me more than the truth ever could

With your heart made of wood

Final good-bye
As kids we're taught to share
We're told to share is to care
When we get older we learn to keep things bottled up inside
And to never show anyone the tears we have cried
We learn that in our problems no one is interested
And we're mad to feel like everyone would be better off if we were dead
So we tell lie after lie
Until at last we say our final good-bye
'Till then we try and please everyone around us
We keep quiet and never make a fuss
Never even try to revolt
Under no circumstances do we run and bolt
We give up stuff that makes us feel happy
And go through life feeling crappy
Just to try and please you
Which we never can, no matter what we do
Unworthy of Love
My decisions have never been the best
I've made mistakes I'll never be able to lay to rest
I live with them each and every day
That's why I judge everything I do and say
I veiw it all as dumb
And see myself as nothing but a bum
Unworthy of love
Or any gift from up above
To me Im just an ugly duckling
Who'll never amount to anything
Whenever something good happens to me
I just can't let things be
I have to go and ruin it
I can't seem to quit
Black Hole
Get me out of here
Before I scream out of fear
I'm falling down a black hole
That is deep inside my soul
I shout out
But I am filled with doubt
That anyone will rescue me
Because they cannot see
The pain and sadness that fills me deep inside
Since that part of me I always hide
I always seem so happy and bright
But no one knows the feelings inside that I fight
I'm afraid to let anyone in
Truly I am made of tin

Ice Pick Heart
You push and you shove
No way are you filled with love
She is your own child
Yet with anger you are wild
You insult her and put her down
Your face is decorated with a pernament frown
Violent doesn't begin to describe you
And that things that you do
You're twisted and sick
With a heart as cold as an ice pick
Emotions are something you've never felt
But still she keeps hoping the ice around you heart will melt
She deserves a better life
One that isn't full of pain and strife

Toy Hearts

You play with our hearts
Like they are toys on the shelf
For you to take down when it pleases you
But there are real feelings attached to these hearts
Feelings that are hurt every time
You decide to fool around with them
What will it take to make you understand
That our hearts are not just playthings for your amusement
They are real things, with real emotions attached
And every time you flirt with us
You make us fall a little more in love with you
And you give us hope for a chance to be with you someday
So when we have to watch you flirt with other girls
It just makes our already broken hearts
Break a little more each time
‘Cause even though every kiss
May mean nothing at all to you
It means the whole world to us


Pulsating Happiness

Happiness pulsating through me
It feels strange, but good to be happy again
Being w/ you even for just a few days
Has already made a huge difference
Everyone, all of my friends, can tell
I'm glad you came into my life the change in myself is incredible
I'm smiling more & laughing more
And I have you to thank for it

You've shown me that I am capable of being happy
That there is a life after heartbreak
And for that reason, I shall be very grateful
To you for showing me all those things
Which is why I'm hoping to hang on to this happiness
Even after you're gone & I'm all alone
I'm determined to keep this smile on my face
And this sunny outlook on life in my heart

Shooting Star
I can't believe how lucky I got
Because the perfect guy I have caught
He's the sweetest guy around
He makes my heart soar higher than the ground
It's hard to believe he loves me
I'll never understand what he sees
But for better or worse, I've given him my heart
I hope he never tears it apart
He makes me the person I want to be
Because he always believes in me
Truly he is a diamond in the rough
Of him, I can never get enough
He makes me feel all gooey and happy inside
My true feelings I no longer have to hide
Before you I was afraid to open myself up
Because I was afraid of my heart shattering like a broken cup
I've finally found a guy I can trust
Which in a relationship is a must
They say true love is like a fine wine
It just keeps getting better with time
Well then our love is true
Because everyday is a blessing with you
He knows how to make me melt
I'm feeling things I've never felt
My true feelings for you
I shall never be able to truly express
Since there aren't enough words in the dictionary to stress
How special to me you truly are
Just know to me you shine brighter than a shooting star

Precious Gem
I love you with my heart and soul
Before I met you my heat was black as coal
You’re truly a gift from heaven above
God sent me my one true love
I’ve been looking for you all my life
This is finally the end to all my heartbreak and strife
Finally I’ve found the guy who at last
Doesn’t care about my mistakes in the past
My guy is as romantic as can be
He can see
That I’m a precious gem
So different from the rest of them
He treats me better than my words can say
He makes me feel like a queen everyday
He puts a smile upon my face
And makes my heart race
Hope my friends don’t think I’m a drag
Since about him I love to brag
My heart overflows to the rim
With all the love I have for him
Whenever we’re not together
I feel like we’ve been apart forever
I’m miserable without you
Which is why I’m glad you love me too
It takes me forever to sleep at night
Because you’re not here to hold me tight

Unrequited Love
Where is my happy ending?
I'm tired of always defending
And the romance I dream of
Why can't find a guy
Who won't make me cry
I'm tired of unrequited love
That hurts like a slap from a glove
I'm looking for a guy who can at last
Make me forget about my past
And make me forget about my best friend
Who I swore to love 'till the very end
I need a guy who can see
That he holds the key
That can unlock my heart
As long as he doesn't tear it apart

You turned out to be nothing but a liar
I'd like to set you on fire
Just to watch you burn
And tech you a lesson you need to learn
That when you mess with girls hearts
And tear them apart
One day it'll come back to bite you
And you'll know how it feels, when you're the one it's done to
When that day happens
I'll be there laughin'
Revenge is sweet
It's a feeling that can't be beat
When you feel that pain
It'll finally be the end of you're reaign

As a world class jerk
You'll go beserk
Without a heart to break
You'll finally be exposed as a fake

I'll always be 2nd best in your eyes
Knowing that fact makes me want to cry
I love you with my heart and soul

You are the only thing that makes me feel whole
But it's her you love
It's her you think is sent from heaven above
While my heart is breaking
It's her you're aching
To be with for the rest of all time
Is it a crime

For me to be in love with you
Knowing you can't be true
Even though I'd do anything you ask

Just to be able to bask
In the joy of your arms
This is where I feel safest from all danger and harm
But it also where I recieve the msot pain

Where I was struck down and slain
Just for loving you
What am I supposed to do
I feel so confused
Tired of being used
Wondering what to do now
Decided I'm not to allow

My heart to be broken anymore
I'm giving up on love forever more

Game Player
I'm tired of the game you play
Where you don't mean anything you say
You're telling me lies
Saying you don't want this to be good-bye
Well you should of thoght of that before you cheated
Now its time for you to beat it
I hope you're happy now with your life
And with her as your lawfully wedded wife
Don't come crying to me
When she breaks your heart and takes all your money
'Cause you and I are through
And I want nothing more to do with you
"Don't hate the player hate the game"
Is an expression with an unknown amount of fame
But when it comes to you
That expression just isn't true
Because I hate the player for playing the game
Since it's made him so stupid and so lame
You say if I'll forgive you
You'll do anything I want you to
I'll be glad to forgive you and take you back at last
If you can go back and change the past

Best friends
I'm in love with you
And it hurts so bad I don't know what to do
I wish you could see
How bad I want it to be me
I want to be the girl you love
The one you dream of
When I think of you I want to cry
And the pain inside makes me want to die
You are my hearts desire
You're what sets my soul on fire
But I'm the best friend
And best friends never get the guy in the end
We're bound to live out a life of misery
All because the guy's we love can't see
Through the forest for the trees


We're the best of friends

Together until the very end

But now you have her

And suddenly you're talkin' of forever

I'm just the unwanted 3rd wheel

And I don't know how to feel

'Cause I want to be with you too

Forever, just me and you

I love you more than my words can say

You make my heart soar higher than a blue jay

I daydream of you in class

As I'm staring through the window's glass

I wish you would daydream of me too

But I'm just a little sister to you

And that's how it always will be

You and I will unfortunately never become a we


Prince Charming

Does Prince Charming exist

Or is he just a myth

Is he the real deal or has he become a girl's speil

Why does kissing Prince Charming turn him into a frog

One that likes to hide underneath a log

Some Prince Charmings need to be thrown in a lake

Because they're jsut a phony and a fake

How come it's so hard to find a decent guy

One that doesn't cheat and lie

I need a guy who's nice and sweet

So I can take him home for my parents to meet

I want a guy likes all of me

Including the part most people don't see


I wonder if I exist at all

And who'll catch me when I fall

You never try and talk 'bout it

You just always walk away...

You never let me comfort you

You just don't want me to

Well if you won't let yourself cry

Pretty soon you're going to die

This thing is going to kill you

I can see it in your face

I want to help you, I really do

I can't stand watching you pace

Back and forth, back and forth, crying as you go

I wish you would let me know

What's going on inside of you

It hurts me to see you so blue

*written by: Amber Saunders and John Moler


Get it on tonight

You say you love me, but you don't trust me

You promised never to hurt me

Yet you pinned me to the bed

I screamed and yelled at you to get off me

Until you did, It's the worst we've ever fought

I'm sick of fighting

All we ever do is fight

Scream and yell

Let the words fly

'cause it's time to Get It On tonight

You get mad when I yell

Yet you yell at me

You try to control me, telling me ehat I can and can't do

Telling me who I can and can't be friends with

You say you love everything about me

Then why do you try and change me

If you won't love me for who I am

Then I'll find someone who will

I quit, I'm through

I can't take it anymore

I'm having a meltdown

You were supposed to be my happy ending

What happened to my happy ending

Wasn't it nice to have it all for awhile

You were my everything that i had ever wanted

But thanks to you we lost it

You were pretending all along

You never loved me at all

You just used me


Do you mean it

You're begging for a second chance

Saying you don't want this to be the end of us

But how do I know I cantrust you with my heart

You broke it once, How do i know you won't do it again

I love you, but I'm scared of you

You say you have all the answers now

But did you even know the questions in the first place

Give me one good reason

To believe you when you say you can't live without me

Do you mean it

How do I know you won't hurt me again

Your word means nothing to me now

I don't know if I can trust you anymore

You were my whole world

Then my world came crashing down around me

You never let me do what I wanted

I never got to see things for myslef

But now I see things clearer then I ever did before

You used and abused me, You left bruises on my arms

You never loved me for me, you jsut wanted

Some fool who'd let you control them

Well find yourself another fool

'Cause this girl ain't nobody's fool

You ain't getting another chance to hurt me

I refuse to give it to you

You were supposed to be the love of my life

Instead you turned out to be the greatest mistake of my life

You're not getting another chance

 You had you'recnace with me

Now I'm moving on and finding someone else

Someone who'll love me for who I am

Not who they want me to be 

Beautiful Eyes/Broken Heart
I miss you more than words can say
I feel it in my heart everyday
Without you in my life, nothing feels right
My world is filled with darkness, ‘cause you were my light
It’s hard to believe you're truly gone
Now there are no longer any colors in the dawn
I miss the way you used to look at me
And the way I could see
Myself through your eyes
You always made me feel like a beautiful surprise
I used to love the way you would smile
Now I wish I had stored it away in a file
To have on a day that’s rainy and gray
I miss the way you used to say
“I love you”
I wish I could say, just one more time, that “I love you too”
If only I could hear your voice one last time
But you make me feel like loving you is a crime
Lately you’ve been on my mind
I think about how you used to be so kind
If only I could make you disappear
Then I wouldn’t have to see you when I look in the mirror
I miss the way you could see
Straight through me
And through my disguise
All with your beautiful eyes
Now it’s time for me to say good bye
A single tear I will not cry

Tired of all this fighting, when's it going to end?
How long does it take for a family to mend?
Sick and tired of playing the peacemaker
When's this family finally goin to come together?
Why can't it just be simple?
All this fighting is making making me emotionally cripple
So much yelling and screaming has taken it's toll on me
Why can't everyone see?
That hating each other isn't doing any good at all
Everytime we stumble and fall
We need pick each other up, instead of tearing each other down
We need to smile instead of frown
Why can't this family learn to be normal?
Instead of always acting so formal
Everyone needs to let go of the past
And forget about the shadow it has cast
Before it becomes too late
And you are the ones that we blame and hate
For all of the emotinal scars we have remaining
And for the face we fell it is always raining
Un us and on our parade
As we begin to fade
Into the background of life
Because we couldn't handle the memories of all the strife

Missing you
I miss your breathless tone
When you told me you loved me over the telephone
I miss the way you used to look at me
Like you really see
Deep into my soul
With you for the first time in my life I felt whole
I miss the way you held me in your arms
And how everything around us seemed to go perfectly calm
I wish we could have had a thousand tomorrows
Instead of a relationship filled with regrets and sorrows
I still love you with all of my heart
Of me you will always be a part
I wish we could have stayed together forever
Just you and me together
I will never stop missing you
Even though we are through
You will always be on my mind
And we will forever remain intertwined

The world

What kind of world do we live in
When every time you turn the t.v. on, you see a school shootin'
There's so much misery cause by pain
And floods caused by too much rain
Everyday there's someone else dead
Someone who's been shot in the head
Another person just committed suicide
Because no one cared whether they lived or died
Somebody's heart is being broken
And on their own tears they are chokin'
All our kids see
Is violence at home and on t.v.
Teenagers are cussin
Babies keep on fussin'
And parents are killin' their kids
Infants are dying of SIDS'
We're in the middle of a war
Our soldiers are being killed more and more
Kids are having babies
And animals have rabies
Where are the morals this country was built on
How come they are nowhere to be found

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's little girl is finally breaking free
She can finally see
Through all the tears she cried
Each and every time you lied
She trusted you 'till the very end
When she finally figured out you weren't a true friend
Now she's no longer Daddy's little girl
She's grown up and she's shed her curls
Since she's no longer Daddy's little princess
She can finally confess
All the tears feelings she held inside
For such a long time
Like how it hurts when you
Disapprove of everything she chooses to do
When all she wants is too make you proud
And to stop hiding her feelings behind a cloud
Is she ever going to be good enough for you
What does she have to do
To make you love her
All she wants is your love and approval forever
She can't pretend she's all right
The truth comes out tonight
She's sorry she cant be perfect
It is the one thing she'll always regret
She tries not to think about all the pain inside
She believed you every time you lied
She can't stand another fight
'Cause nothings all right
Nothing's going to change all the things that you said
And nothing can ever make this right again
She's begging you not to turn your back on her
All she wants is you to love her forever
She can't believe how hard it is just to talk to you
She wishes you guys could start anew
But you don't understand
It feels like everything with you is a demand
All she wants is to be her Daddy's little girl
Her Daddy's little princess with all her pretty pearls

It hurts to be just friends w/ the one you love
The one who made you feel like you were an angel from up above
Made you forget all of your pain & suffering
And made you once again feel like you wanted to sing
It hurts to finally get a chance at happiness
Only to have it snatched away again I must confess
That this is my opinion of true pain
Pain that makes the tears flow down freely like rain
Pain that makes your heart break every time you see them
‘Till you feel like you’ve been condemned
To a life full of misery and despair
And you start to wonder if anyone really cares
And if there’s something wrong w/ you
That makes the guys run away like they do
You can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever be able to find someone
Or if your lonely life has just begun
And you start question if love is worth all these tears
That you cry when your heart feels like it’s been stabbed w/ a million

I feel so alone
Stuck out here in the unknown
Without no one to talk to
It’s especially lonely without you
I thought I’d finally moved on
Thought I was no longer a pawn
In this game you play
That always makes me forget the way
You hurt me in the past
And how I said last time was the last
I’d let you in my heart
Even after all this time apart
My love for you is still going strong
I still think about you all day and all night long