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Within you will find a collection of original fiction, ranging from Horror to Steampunk to cutting edge Sci-Fi.  Stories will be posted like old fashioned serials, with new installments being posted once a week on Wednesdays.  When opportunity arises, I will write short stories that will be posted in their entirety in addition to the main story, usually on Saturdays.

Current Story:

Always Time To Do It Over

An inaccurate history paper from the Web is keeping a physicist with a Time Machine from graduating.  Can you see where this is going?

Coming Soon:

Not a Clue.

Completed Story Synopsis:

Spell Check

The Generation Gap from a different point of view.

Musical Interludes

Every once in a while the muse strikes and I'm compelled to jot down a song.  Being unable to play anything more complicated than a radio, I shamelessly use other people's musical scores and just hang my words on them.  If anyone actually performs any of these masterpieces, email me a recording and I'll post it on the site!

The Dwarves Go Marching. 

I wrote this driving back from a renaissance festival (see the quote upper right corner) a few years ago, and am now enjoying singing it to my youngest as a lullaby.  I can't wait for her to teach it to the other kids in daycare in a few years!  Obviously set to "The Ants Go Marching", author unknown.

The Seventh Groundnaut Mechanical Regimental March 

Phil & Kaja Foglio are the co-creators of the best sci-fi/fantasy webcomic out there, Girl Genius. One of the main anti-heroes is an unjust but fair despot named Klaus Wulfenbach. This is the regimental march for one of his armies. It is set to the tune Over There of World War I fame.

Be Evil, Not Stupid

Negin always knew he was destined for greatness.  And with his new book, Be Evil, Not Stupid, everyone else will know it too.  He'll show them.  He'll show them all.

Innocence Abroad

In another life I was the Operations Supervisor for a conjoined catalog call center selling women's clothing and furniture, until the furniture half was bought by a big box store.  In order to get people to pick up their paycheck stubs at the Operations Desk (known as the OC, OD or the ACD) I enlisted the help of a world traveling Gnome.  He would send back reports of his adventures and observations in other countries, as well as remind people to get those darn paychecks!  So grab an atlas and see how many geek culture references you can get.  Satire Warning:  Not for the Easily Offended!  


When a vampire bites a nerd, does the Goth defeat the Geek?

It's Not Easy Being Green

The world's first Greenpunk story!  Available Now!

The story is being mirrored here for YOUR convenience.  If you're really interested in Greenpunk material, go to!