Welcome to THE END OF THE WORLD WILL BE TWEETED, the story about what happens if every religion's End of the World happened at once.

Set up Twitter & Paypal account. Posted 1st blog. News says US nuke sub had accident in S. Pacific. Possible Meltdown? China Syndrome?

Got 1st Paypal donation! From mom, not sure that counts. CNN says lots of geological activity in area of sub accident, no survivors. Sad.

Hits on blog doubled, have 6 readers! 1st feedback, reader said I was a jerk. Tsunami in S. Pacific. Related to sub accident? US govt mum.

Saw Granny, told to get a job. Said blogging future of news; G: it won't pay the rent. So far she's right. WTF's happening on Easter Island?

Naval task force being sent to South Pacific, no reason given. Recover sub? Disaster relief from tsunami? Easter Island under news blackout.

Telemundo: strange animals washing ashore in Chili. Reports confusing. Blog on Hillary SCOTUS nom picked up by RNC aggregator. Lots of hits!

Debka.com: contact lost w/South Pacific fleet. MSM: Nothing. CNN: Olsen twins clones? No wonder blogs r new journalism.

YouTube has videos of strange slimy frog/man creatures roaming S. America. CGI getting better. Viral advertising for new Cloverfield movie?

Kris called, is in Navy: Fleet was sunk, gov't covering up. Want's truth to come out. Scoop! Went to meet, house surrounded by soldiers.

Just spent 6 hours being grilled by Men-in-Black. Told to drop inquiries into Navy. Total news blackout about S. America. What is going on?

A. Cooper snuck into Peru, filming live on beach when tentacled THING came ashore, ate Cooper. Looked like Davy Jones from Disney's Pirates.

CNN interrupted story of Cooper being eaten: monsters coming ashore in CT. Obama rushed to Air Force 1, military alerted. What's in the sky?

It looks like a door. Is that a trumpet I hear?

I'm getting flashbacks to Sister Mary for some reason. Didn't she teach about something like this in Sunday school? Oh my God, no...

CNN already has a biblical scholar on talking about Revelations. That was fast. Do they keep these people in a pod & defrost them as needed?

The Horsemen have started to ride. More Pratchett than Durer. CNN ticker: creature in Peru is Cthulu, supposedly fictional. Aren't they all?

Last 3 Seals hanging in the sky. Does the world end before or after they get opened? I'm still here, guess not getting Raptured. Bummer.

Look out window: no chaos from suddenly missing people. Didn't realize I was living in a sinful locale. Why wasn't I invited to the parties?

CNN cutting to Peru. Horsemen doing flyby on Chthulu. Oops. Chthulu just ate them. Rest of Seals just hanging there. Can they be opened now?

You don't often see a TV Talking Head speechless. May be most shocking thing I've seen today. Nope. Obama just nuked CT to stop monsters.You don't often see a TV Talking Head speechless. May be most shocking thing I've seen today. Nope. Obama just nuked CT to stop monsters.

Which to watch on tv: giant octopi headed monsters, Biblical skywriting, mushroom clouds? Should have gotten the picture in picture option.

NPR: wars flaring in Middle East. Israel attacked from all sides, responding with nukes. Silos based in Mt. Armegeddio. Good use of irony.

Several leaders claiming to be the Biblical Beast. Were more, until Israel launched missiles. Need to fill gas tank, price about to go up.

The TV, radio & 'net just went fuzzy. New picture coming in, on both TV & computer screen. Some guy with a horned helmet. Is that Thor!?

The Norse Gods are recruiting human mercenaries to help forestall Ragnarok. Seems they read the saga & discovered most of them die.

Seems they're launching a preemptive strike. They want human technology to tip the scales in their favor. Participants get a free Valkyrie.

Just Googled Norse sagas. They don't mean the cool spaceships from Starcraft. Kind of a bummer, I might have signed on for one of those.

CNN now has Richard Dawson, famous atheist on. He says just because gods have shown they exist is no reason to go believing in them.

The local radio station has R.E.M.'s "It's The End Of The World As We Know It" on repetitive loop. Probably as the DJ runs like hell.