Anything as new and broad as Greenpunk will naturally include a totally eclectic batch of ideas, concepts and inventions.  As I discover things I find cool and/or informative I'll link to them here.  Send your suggestions to

MIle Zero came up with the Greenpunk idea independently, and has a very interesting blog on the subject!

For what it's worth, here's the government's official climate change website.

The Washington Post has a new section entirely devoted to Green issues.

The New York Times dedicated it's entire 20 April 08 Sunday Magazine to Green Issues.  Articles include an analysis of paying countries with old growth rain forests, like Indonesia and Brazil to conserve trees instead of allowing deforestation and an excellent look at why going Green, even when it seems our personal efforts are futile, makes sense.

How much electricy could be save if everyone turned off their coffee machines?  Probably a lot.  But to avoid a resultant massacre we'd need something like this cold brewed coffee maker!

This gravity powered lamp almost defines Greenpunk in look and purpose.  I look forward to the day I can have one of these in my office.