The biggest challenge with Greenpunk is keeping our imagination ahead of the technology curve!  Reality has a way of catching us up and leaving us behind.  The best way to stay ahead is to stay informed.  Follow these links to do it!

While not technically a Greenpunk article, the always entertaining IO9 blogs a panel at ComicCon about the struggles Science Fiction writers have staying ahead of reality!  (If you aren't sure why this is here, reread the heading at the top of the page!)

Compact fluorescent bulbs may go the way of incandescent ones if L.E.D. bulbs live up to their hype.

How about an economic stimulus package that buys up old cars to get them off the road?

Ultimate eco-grudge match: two actors enter, one actor becomes compost!

Somebody made a list of the top 5 eco-friendly cars you'd like to drive, except only 3 of them exist.

Florida is building the largest solar plant in the US, opening the way for even more Florida jokes on

The Bush Administration is kicking the responsibility for curbing the amount of carbon waste to the next president.

This guy claims to be able to produce clean burning gas from crop waste is either a pipe dream or the saving of the human race.  I report, you decide.

Depending on which headline you read, the recent G8 summit either did nothing or set ambitious goals.  Humorous point: both are from the same online front page of the New York Times.

From the It Might Be Ironic Department:  GM is building a huge solar power plant to on a factory to build gas burning cars.

As mentioned in Paper Bag Ninja today, Zeppelin articles are popping up everywhere!  Like here, here and here!

They called me crazy for investing in Zeppelins!  Who's crazy now?

Europe is rethinking their biofuel goals.

The Tesla car company is promising a new five passenger all electric sedan that will go for 225 miles.  Mind you, we're still waiting for their sportscar, but I'm most impressed with what they could do with an anti-theft device.

Want to take advantage of the tax credit for that new hybrid in the driveway?  Read this to see if you still qualify.

When Americans celebrate Indepence Day on the 4th, the rocket's red glare may be more Green!

For all the promise of biofuels, what happens if the growers have a bad season?

I don't know what this says about Maria Shriver, but the Governator thinks electric cars are "sexy".  I like what he said about American's addiction to oil, though.

This article is much more alarming than it needs to be.  There's plenty of people, they just won't be European.

Read this before you do any more yardwork.  I for one welcome our new leafy overlords.

Hording is contributing to the worldwide food shortage, especially when it's being done on a countrywide basis.

There's no use crying over the new design for milk jugs.

In Greenpunk, I mention Ira wearing wind turbines.  I should have had him use this handheld one instead.

From the Huh? Department:  New Jersey's program for converting to solar power has been so successful they're shutting it down.

Florida is buying out the U.S. Sugar Corp. for $1.7 so the former sugar farm land in the Everglades can revert back to swampland.

Get laid for Going Green.

When my youngest wants to avoid doing something, she refuses to pay attention to us.  The Bush Administration did the same thing to the EPA on greenhouse gasses, refusing to open the email with the EPA's conclusions.  Folks, this is one of the more amazing stories I've ever seen of willful ignorance.

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain is offering $300,00,00 to the entity that can create a better car battery to power electric or hybrid cars.  My question is: what happens if someone comes up with something that beats the winner a week after the prize is awarded?

With the new push to drill in ANWAR and off the coasts of California and Florida, you might think America was running out of places with oil.  Not so, even though the Oil companies already have access and permission.

Is your hybrid not giving you enough MPG?  Try these hypermiling techniques!

This is slightly old, but in Japan they are developing bras with integrated solar panels that can power an iPod or cell phone. 

Continuing the NSFW aspect of this website, this woman is looking to make her breasts into dynamoes!  (As an added bonus, on page 2 there's even mention of the nanofiber magnet power generators I mention in Greenpunk part 1)

This guy has come up with a way to generate electricity from all the hot air being spewn into the atmosphere from factories and such.

I've never liked taking my MP3 player with me while hiking, but if this backpack with a kinetic generator can power my GPS system, I'm all for it!

China has banned plastic check-out bags.

The uniforms aren't the only thing green in the military; now they're developing ecologically friendly bombs.

The Bush Administration has just released a new climate report that says we're losing the ability to measure climate change and people in the Southwest best learn to drink like kangaroo rats.

Solar powered iPhones and iPods (and dare I say IPADS?) sound good, but don't we keep these things in dark pockets or pouches most of the time?

This solar powered speedboat looses some Green points for its lush leather interior! 

Even if we don't use food crops, biofuels may cause more problems than they solve.

Most young men I know would give up their cars first

I'm not going to make any claims on the paper's objectivity, but the World Net Daily has multiple articles questioning Global Warming (why does this get capitalized, I wonder?) from a variety of viewpoints.  The centerpiece is this article claiming 31,000 scientists signed a petition saying the existence of Global Warming is being misrepresented.

Wired has an interesting article about how saving the environment may come at the cost of embracing technologies and ideas that are anathema to many environmentalists.

Mythbusters does some head to head comparisons of gas and electric vehicles and draws some surprising conclusions.

So the people who sued the tobacco companies are now going after companies that contribute to Global Warming.  Shouldn't we all be potential parties to that suit?

How about a boat with bionic arms that clean up trash in rivers?  Chicago has one.

One former proponent of how Global Warming is contributing to an increase in the number and power of hurricanes now argues GW is not a factor.

Didn't see this coming:  global warming could lead to an increase in kidney stones.

Should we mandate new homes be Green?  This expert says it's the path to profitability for home builders. (Separate articles)

Doing good or looking good.  Do attention getting events like Earth Hour actually help the Green movement, or harm it by letting people make meaningless gestures instead of painful choices?

I want.  I REALLY REALLY want.

A FOLLOW UP on T. Boone Pickens wind farm plans. will go out of business if this happens.

LA is considering using treated sewage as a source of drinking water.  Expect bottled water sales to soar!

Could the investment of going Green be better spent to help people today?

Isn't it Ironic:  Sir Paul McCartney's eco friendly hybrid Lexus was flown to him from Japan, creating a huge carbon footprint equal to driving it around the world six times.

AeroThermal has invented a giant steam powered pressure cooker called the Autoclave system that sorts household recylables automatically.

John McCain is distancing himself from President Bush on being green, and is willing to pressure other countries, like India and China to follow suit.

Nissan is planning on selling electric cars in the US by 2010.  And Detroit just gives us bigger discounts on SUVs.

The WSJ breaks down the amount of subsidation each green energy source receives from the government.

Who knew that Squirrel kabobs were so eco-friendly?

This Korean town has gone totally, 100% off grid.

Surprise!  Our elected officials are dithering and ineffective when faced with an energy crisis!

The Governator told autocompany reps to stop whinging and step up to create greener cars.

If you're looking for REAL energy independence, this guy has a set up for you to make your own ethanol at home!

An ice free North Pole this summer?  It's a possibility.

Wired runs an interesting piece on water woes; but instead of taking the normal MSM tack of how there simply isn't enough, author Matthew Power uses the Peak Oil model:  there's plenty of water, it's just going to be very hard to get too.  A much more insightful look than what we've mostly seen so far.

From the Law of Unintended Consequences Department:  the sudden spike in food prices is in part attributable to the interest in biofuels.

Good news for bibliophiles like me: those walls of books not only make a person seem erudite and intellectual, they are great insulators!  (And make the cost in trees easier to rationalize.)

In honor of Earthday the online magazine Slate runs a number of articles:

Daniel Gross shows how by moving or condensing company's Annual Reports can help even the greenest companies get greener.

Water, and its availability, is going to be a big issue in the future.  You can see that in the number of posts here.  But bottled water has side affects beyond the norm, as Meghan O'Rourke lays out.

Why is so much of eco-fiction apocalyptic in nature?  Rebecca Onion discusses the trend in this interesting article.

Getting thirsty?  You may be soon.

Going Green doesn't have to end when you do!  Have an ecofriendly funeral!

Generating energy from renewable resources is getting mainstream, and big bucks to boot.  T. Boone Pickens, legendary Texas oilman, is investing $10 Billion in a gigantic windfarm...and expects to make a profit.  Capitalism is the future of sustainability, and if Pickens' investment pays off, expect to see a lot more interest from traditional energy companies.

BMW has raised the stakes on green bragging rights.  Their new concept car actually cleans the air as you drive.

There are many ways to make a 'green' car.  Subaru has a plant in Indiana which reuses or recycles 99.8% of the waste created from manufacturing an automobile.  It's too bad they aren't making an electric car or hybrid.

It isn't "Mr. Fusion", but this 'tactical refinery' takes household waste and turns it into two different types of fuel.

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